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Solar lantern is a portable light source like a traditional lantern which gives omni directional pure white light. It consists of a solar photovoltaic module, sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) lead acid battery, charge controller and DC-AC inverter for lighting the compact Fluorescent Lamp (CF Lamp).

Highly efficient two – step charge controller protects battery from over charging and deep discharging .High frequency inverter offers high efficiency, more light output and long service life to the CF Lamp. The Solar lanterns are available in two different series – “SunLite” and “Sunny”. Depending on the CF Lamp and SPV module wattage, “SunLite” is available in 6 different models.

Technical Specifications
  Lamp   7W – 4 pin 5w – 4 pin
  Light Output   375 Lumen 250 Lumen
  Module   8/10Wp 3/5Wp
  Battery   12V – 7AH 6V – 4AH
  Inverter   Quasi Sine Wave
  Charging Hours        5 - 6 Hours Peak Sun     
  Working Hours   4 – 5 Hours / Day 3 hours / day