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LIGHTRON, the new generation solar road lighting luminaries, bring new light to the local roads, residential areas and industrial areas. This new range of solar lighting systems makes significant contribution to energy saving and provide a safer and more comfortable environment. The LIGHTRON series luminaries are economical, highly advanced, consumes less energy and have low maintenance expenses.

Main Applications of Energy Saving Solar Street Lights

  • Solar Road Lighting
  • Residential Area Solar Lighting
  • Industrial Area Solar Lighting
  • Solar Lighting for Petrol Pumps
  • Yard Solar Lighting

Technical Specifications
  Lamp   CFL 36 W x 2 Nos ( 4 Pin )
  Operating Voltage   60 V to 270 V AC at 50Hz
  Lamp Starting   With pre-heating
  Lumen Output    5800 lumens
  Lighting protection   Provided with Mov (metal oxide varistor)     
  Ballast type        Electronic , High frequency     
  Total Harmonics Distortion     Below 15%
  Power Factor   Above 0.95
  Switching frequency   30KHz
  Overall Efficiency   Above 82%